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RADIANT Hydronic System

Hydronic systems are a good choice both for heating and cooling environments with a good COMFORT level and a remarkable ENERGY SAVING and therefore a great ECONOMIC SYSTEM.
NeOn Energy with its Partner Tiemme can offer a wide range of  hydronic systems. All our systems are convenient and most reliable over the years.
Our hydronic systems find their use in civilian brickwork, both new and in restructuring, in commercial and industrial buildings with various applications, floor, wall and ceiling.
We also have a waterborne industry specializing in aviculture.

The idea of the hydronic system

Choosing a Hydronic System means choosing the WELLNESS.
A modern hydronic plant system, utilizes special high thermal conductivity pipes with low thermal expansion to ensure almost unlimited longevity if well installed. In addition, modern hot water production systems such as new Photovoltaic Thermal systems (PVT), condensing boilers or heat pumps, which are able to provide water at low temperatures (30 ° C – 42 ° C) allow a great savings with high performance.
All these, if we join the large working surface of the hydronic system, with surface temperatures between 25 ° C and 35 ° C, it allows us to fully cover the heat demand required by the home with a high perception of COMFORT. The hydronic system is regulated by UNI EN-1264

What are the benefits?

The reasons for the success of hydronic systems are various:

  • Greater and even distribution of heat
  • Low operating temperatures
  • High comfort and ideal moisture values
  • Heat diffusion by irradiation and not by convection with no hot air movements and very low dust handling
  • No aesthetic impact
  • A constant temperature up to about 2 meters from the floor
  • Possibility of cooling with the same plant with the addition of a dehumidifier

High energy savings

At the same room temperature, a hydronic system plant achieves higher energy savings, in the order of 15-20% compared to a traditional plant.
The reasons for this considerable savings are mainly due to:

  • A larger radiant surface
  • The low temperature of the circulating liquid
  • Less thermal exchange of the hydronic system with cold parts

The result is also guaranteed in rooms with high internal height (sheds, shopping malls, churches, etc.) because the radiant system maintains the temperature of the room that you want only at man’s height.

An ideal system to cover the “four seasons”

With the same hydronic system, we can heat up and cool the environment, just add an air dehumidifying machine to the hydronic system: COMFORT will be guaranteed in all seasons.
By combining the hydronic system with a thermoregulation system as  proposed by our engineers, the performance of the plant will always be under control

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