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Always Clean Energy

Unlike conventional power, solar power produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment.

Easy Installation

No longer must you decide to go either Solar Thermal (Water Heating) or Solar PV (Electric) because of limited optimum roof space.

Increase Property Value

Installing rooftop solar panels boosts a Home’s Green credentials while cutting utility bills, and Increasing the Value of your home.

Long Time to Use

Solar power during as the years, you need only some little maintenance on the power system.

Used for Many Purposes

Solar generate electricity . You can use it for your home, your boat and many other situation.

Increase Electrical Output

NeOn Energy’s Patent Technology allows you to Improve PV Electrical Output Significantly, while generating warm water to heat your water or your pool.

This is How it Works!

Save the Planet
Save the Planet

Besides all the materialistic advantages, by going solar you can leave a safe Planet to your kids!

Cut Your Bill
Cut Your Bill

It is a time-proven fact, that going solar cuts you energy consumption bills dramatically!

Control Your Energy
Control Your Energy

Solar empowers both individuals and businesses in managing power consumption!

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How solar power works