Pellet Boiler: ecological product

The Pellet Boiler and hydro-stove of Green Puros respect the environment. Green Puros pellet stoves are made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life. All stoves are TUV certified.

Benefit of Biomass

Respect for and awareness of the environment has led to an increase in the use of renewable energy. Biomass fuel releases into the environment a quantity of CO2 equal to the amount the plant absorbs during its life cycle. So by burning biomass, we do not increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere at all.


The pellet is a biomass with a very high calorific value, the high wood pellet concentration with a very low percentage of moisture, comes to produce between 4.5kW / kg and 5.25kW / kg of energy.

Comparison of various fuels

If we compare the calorific power between the various fuels used to produce domestic, commercial and industrial energy, we see that, in comparison to costs/kW, the pellet guarantees more energy produced.

Quality Made in Italy

Our stoves are 100% Made in Italy, are cured in every detail so that they can meet all the furnishing requirements.

Electronic control

Different types of electronic controls with status and temperature indications, backlit display or lcd, with 3 or 6 buttons. Advanced remote control for function control.

Innovative technology brazier

Thanks to our continuous research and our acquired knowhow, we have been able to develop this innovative stainless steel brazier, which allows us to have a perfect laminar flame for better combustion by increasing the yields of our stoves with lower emissions.

Self-cleaning glass

Our stoves are equipped with a 750° ceramic glass. The glass is constantly touched by an airflow that thus helps to keep the surface clean.