We are a strong collective!

NeOn Energy is a company specialized in the production of photovoltaic thermal systems integrated on any type of roofing: industrial, commercial or private, existing and as well as new.

The Partner of NeOn Energy operates in various areas of engineering, and specifically in the field of global consulting for solar energy.

From a partnership between NeOn Energy, and its Partners, NeOn Energy is able to develop entrepreneurship projects in the sustainable energy field together with new built infrastructures with an added value both for private and public subjects.

At the factory in Europe, NeOn Energy directly produces innovative photovoltaic thermal panels. The system are tailor made according to customer needs and certified IEC61646.

At the factory in Europe and in South Africa, NeOn Energy researches and develops its own production line with polycrystalline silicon panels and photovoltaic thermal panels: both traditional and innovative, they offer high performances guaranteed by “Made in Europe” certification.

Production factories


NeOn Energy realizes, through its Italian and Croatian Partner own production line at the factory located in Croatia, photovoltaic modules in Polycrystalline silicon, traditional and innovative modules with a patented certification “Made in Europe”.

NeOn Energy & Partners production line relies on state-of-the-art machines and robotic systems and manages the most important steps of the process. Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of the line, it is possible to produce different types of modules with extremely fast set-up times involving a good number of operators.