Company Overview

NeOn Energy (Pty) Ltd (Reg. No. 2014/103159/ 07) based inCorporate Park North, unit 4, Midrand, Randjespark, Gauteng – South Africa, is a B-BBEE company that has been formed and registered to take these plans and goals forward. Executive Directors have been carefully picked and will occupy strategic positions within the company for their expertise and knowledge so essential for this project to work successfully.

Mission Statement

If the 19th century was the age of coal and the 20th of oil, the 21st will be the age of the sun.
It is NeOn Energy’s goal to enhance the development of solar powered solutions and energy services for South Africa by being a leader in assisting and providing consumers with:

  • Establishing the true energy potential of the site covering a high share of the energy demand with renewable energies;
  • Calculating the true cost and return on investment of the installation and use the best solar solution for their energy needs guaranteed by the European quality and efficiency standards;
  • Research & develop new technology to increase the performance and the efficiency of the solar PV.

The choice of committing in the photovoltaic systems derives from several fundamental reasons:

  • The experience of NeOn Energy members in the field of Solar Industrial;
  • The consideration that within companies is the largest consumption of electrical energy and hot water, and it is precisely here that you have large surfaces available – the roofing for industrial buildings and greenhouse in agricultural – for a perfect installation of photovoltaic panels without environmental impact;
  • The ability to customize each photovoltaic and photovoltaic thermal system according to the specific coverage and needs of customers.

NeOn Energy develops each project considering the particular type of coverage, or installation. The designed solution aims to get the maximum efficiency for the photovoltaic and photovoltaic thermal system. Taking into account all the factors influencing it and using the best materials and the most suitable photovoltaic panels. The project criteria serve various purposes depending on customers’ needs.


Providing photovoltaic coverage with the best technologies:
The design is based on maximum system flexibility: this allows every product, to adjust to any type of coverage, maintaining the same high-quality standards.


Realizing photovoltaic systems and extraordinary maintenance of the coverage at the same time: 
With systems and products of NeOn Energy you can realize photovoltaic thermal systems and remake of new coverage at the same time. A safer installation of the photovoltaic thermal system on a good coverage can be ensured, avoiding expensive operations of unscheduled maintenance of the system installed.


Improve the energy efficiency of the building:
The need to reduce emissions involves a combined action of energy saving and renewable energy production. With the installation of the photovoltaic thermal system is also possible to increase the efficiency of the PV panel up to 205 more.adapt the heat insulation of the coverage and  for increase the energy efficiency of the building.


Realizing the architectural integration: 
NeOn Energy proposes primarily systems that are architecturally integrated, for perfect integration of the photovoltaic system within the environment. The architectural integration made by innovative products allows to benefit of the best rate.