Underfloor heating

NeOn Energy specializes in underfloor heating with radiant water, this system system and an excellent economical way of heating, not only many areas of the house, but it is also very effective in the industrial sector, aquaculture, commercial, wherever there is need to heat and maintain a constant and uniform temperature.

The hydronic systems are extremely efficient in working at low temperatures, the transmission of heat occurs primarily by radiation and not by convection (as in the case of air conditioners). In this way, annoying air and dust displacements are avoided and the heat is diffused more evenly. If you combine the use of our TWINPOWER hybrid photovoltaic system, which produces hot water and electricity from a single panel from the sun, the cost of operation is also reduced by 90%. Heating the water needed during the day to guarantee a zero-cost thermal reserve for use at night. Another advantage of the hydronic system is that it can also be used to cool the rooms in the summer, passing through the cold water pipes that will cool the surface, thus working with the inverse process, cooling the environment.

Why choose a NeOn Energy Tiemme radiant system?

Each element of which the NeOn Energy Tiemme radiant system is composed is carefully designed and tested by our technicians to ensure a long life of the system, without the need for maintenance.

More than 40 years of experience in the sector thanks to Tiemme.
Certification of installations according to law.
Production and sale with the manufacturer’s warranty.
We are always available to all our customers
Our plants are covered by zero risk insurance for 10 years up to a maximum of 1 million rands. (T’s & C’s apply)
We guide you from planning to building the system.
Components certified according to the regulations in force.
Because it is made in Italy.